It’s all about small goals…

By Charlie Webster

It feels surreal that we have started and done our first day. We have been talking about Ride to Rio for so long, planning, having meetings and now we have cycled our first miles. I’m at our first stop over and about to watch the England match, which to be fair I had in the back of my mind the whole way today ‘I hope we make it in time to watch the game!’

It is a nice to feeling to have done day 1, as we hit our finish point I felt so happy, ok I know we have thousands of miles still to go but I think we are going to have to set small goals a day at a time to get through this. So to sum up our first day we got lost, we got lost, oh and did I tell you we got lost! We made it in the end and definitely did a few extra miles. It was amazing going through London and we stopped for a few photos at the sights and I cycled past my house, although the traffic was rubbish and a black cab drive shouted at me. We scranned some sandwiches on the side of the road and made the occasional toilet stop, which consisted of a few cheeky bushes. Oh and it is 1 nil to me in the falling over charts, well I didn’t fall over I just fell into a sign as I was too busy chatting. Typical me! Right it is nearly kick off and I’m so hungry. Until tomorrow…

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