Nerves, twitter and day one in the saddle

By Paul Highton

Twitter has gone bonkers over the ride which is fantastic for publicity but not for my nights sleep !!

My had was buzzing with pre ride nerves and full of what ifs !!

Then 5am and DING I’m awake and chomping at the bit to rip in The day started with the interviews with itv Calender and team photos then we were off … Sort of …

We spent the 1st cpl of hours getting lost in the side streets of London and swerving irate drivers but then the Garmin kit sorted it’s act out and we hit the open spaces of Richmond park …

Beautiful landscapes littered with deer and other wildlife that wouldn’t have looked out of place on the plains of Africa.

After a short rest stop we had the days target in sight the town of Farnham and The Hogs Back Hotel.

Swim, Shower, Fajitas and “Kick and Giggle” on the tele …. I have no doubt that I’ll sleep tonight !!

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