Mange Tout Rodney

Day 3 – Darren Clark

We’ve arrived in France after a choppy crossing of  le channel. 1st stop a cafe, were the TV news is Brexit and Hollande asking when are we buggering off (shakes head) …
80 miles done today across undulating countryside so hills a plenty, all good training for when we hit the Pyrenees .. !

2 highlights today,
1.Me demonstrating my grasp of the French language ” Je m’appelle Darren, j’habite à Rothwell et j’ai treize ans , oh et soixante neuf” which for those that don’t understand rudimentary school boy French, this translates to “My name is Darren, I live in Rothwell and I am thirteen years old oh and 69..” – cue general hilarity in the classroom.

2.Today’s grub, a Greggs esq deep filled Apple pastry for brekkie and a cheese and ham baguette for lunch followed by an eclair. – Definitely enjoying the cafe culture.
Finally I’d like to say it’s been a real pleasure cycling here so far, the roads are smooth and the drivers now I’m off for a creme de menthe with an umbrella in it..mange tout Rodney, mange tout !

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