Day 13 – Salamander

By Darren Clark

Time to recharge in the beautiful city of Salamanca, or Salamander if your Mike, who according to him is the villain from the bond movie. I’ve told him that’s Scaramanga, and I’m doing a good impression of him at the moment as I have a massive insect bite on my chest which looks like a 3rd nipple..

Salamanca is a stunning city full of squares, cobbled streets and churches. I witnessed the bride & groom emerging from their ceremony at one such church to be greeted with what seemed an infinite amount of confetti – not your average packet stuff, this had tinsel, glitter and tiny cut outs of the bride & groom amongst it. There also appeared to be no restrictions on where you could throw it, unlike so many UK venues these days..

I’ve sat in a small square just off Plaza Mayor writing this blog interspersed with people watching / watching the world go by for 20 minutes and I’m really impressed, there’s a really nice vibe about this place. I’m told there’s a big university here – maybe I’ll suggest it to my daughter as an option for next year !

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