A wheely big adventure

By Kat Macknay

A lot has happened since I last put fingers to keyboard but have now been put to work again to fill you all in on the life of the support crew. We successfully made it through Europe with little problems to us and our vehicles, just a lot of losing and finding riders (it’s like herding cats, honestly) through keeping them hydrated and fed to finishing each day with washing out bike bottles. Much has been said about the technical issues that happened to several of the riders during the two and a half weeks that we traveled across France, Spain and Portugal but it seems that the technical issue fairy has decided to spend some time with me now that we have reached Brazil. After a rest day in Recife, we started to make the trip out of the city and I hit a pothole which could have been mistaken for the entrance to an underground car park, cut a long story short, two bust tyres.

As luck would have it, I had pulled in by a local mechanics and the two riders I had with me, John and Mick, went to try and sort things out. Another long story short, local mechanic gets the tyre guy across the street to come over and help. Little bit more detail – tyre guy was other side of a 6 lane motorway and had no shoes on – he shot over, took off the two tyres, took them back to his workshop, banged out the dented rims, fixed the tyres and refitted, cost of all this – just under a tenner – absolute quality. If only that was the end of it, next day, trying to avoid a raised manhole about 3 foot high, I curbed the car and did it again. This time the spare had to come out but found another lovely tyre man and he again worked his magic, point to note –¬†overtipping will lead to a hug from your friendly Brazilian tyre fixer.

As you can imagine, the riders are finding all of this hilarious but personally, I am hoping that if things come in 3’s, I am now done. Will keep you updated with progress…


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