Character building…

By Paul Highton

Day 28 Blog

After yesterday’s down pours leaving us damper than an otters pocket I’d prayed that evening that today would be dry and all started so well …
After a pretty decent drive to the start point the heavens opened and the stall was set for the day … In the 1st hr I’d put on and taken off my jacket more times than a pissed up scrapper on a Friday night …
The day was one of firsts and in particular a 1st puncher for Charlie … She has managed to complete an ironman numerous other challenges and the 4 weeks of ride to Rio to date without a single blowout so it just shows that having your own mechanic (Mike West) carries some weight and luck ha …
I’d love to now go on to tell you that today was full of wonder and rain Forrest adventure but it wasn’t !!
It was unfortunately 1 of those days you just need to get ya nut down and grind out whilst smelling like a Damp Alsatian  …
Mile after mile of Tarmac … hill … Corners … Hill … Down hill … Back up a massive hill .. And then a long Arse straight worthy of any final walk scene from the Incredible Hulk.
But luckily the finishing point of the day which just so happens to be a petrol station was in sight and that euphoric feeling no28 kicked in !!
Another day done another day closer to Rio and another huge confidence boost for me
…. Although No champagne showers or ticker tape parades but there was a clatter of local fire crackers and a Solaro !! so all in all I’ve had far worse Sunday’s and as ever feel blessed to have been given this opportunity.
Highto X

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