Navigation blunders

By John Miller

Today’s navigation blunder occurred in the opening few minutes, and once rectified, the road became a dirt track which caused some more confusion as it lasted just one kilometre before turning into smooth Tarmac for 18 miles passing oil fields and lonely farms – but no traffic. We realised why when a rickety narrow bridge signalled the end of the road – and the start of 23 miles of sandy track, which proved slow and treacherous. Two falls and a bit of swearing later and we were back on the blacktop for the last 39 miles to tonight’s stop at Linhares, passing thousands of workers cottages for Petrobras – the local oil giant. So 70 miles further – and all into a relentless battering headwind. Highlights today – comical cows chasing us along the fences, Cokes at the back-of-beyond beach bar, trying (and I think failing miserably) to explain to the locals in Linhares what the Garmin was, and a road sign for a caption competition…