Blood, sweat and tears

By Charlie Webster

We started in beautiful bright sunshine and finished today in the pouring rain of Portsmouth. It has been a funny day and actually the majority of drama came from my end, whoops sorry guys! I’m currently writing this sat waiting for my dinner to arrive, the thing with doing such a mammoth challenge of this, you have to get your nutrition right, so…I’ve ordered fish n chips, mushy pies and for an extra £2 I get scampi, battered sausage and chip shop curry sauce.

It’s arrived, hang on….
Ok I’m back that was lovely, the extras really hit the spot. Back to today, we started off really well, apart from going down a one way street. I blame the Garmin! Half way through we decided to kick on and just quickly scoff some OTE sports flapjacks. Our first serious hill so far and my chain got caught in my derailer, obviously my superb crunching of the gears up a hill! We sorted that after 10 mins but then a link in my chain had locked so we had to make a decision do I jump on the spare bike which is a little bit small for me or crack on! I cracked, and clicked and crunched my way to Portsmouth. You could definitely here me coming. To be honest I think it made me go faster because I had to make the bike shop, Cycle World Portsmouth for 4pm who kindly fixed it for me. I made it with 2 of the team, Mick and Paul who pushed on with me. It rained with a little bit of hail for the last 5 miles which made it a go quite cold in the end. We finished the Ride to Rio route to the ferry in Portsmouth and then I cycled back up to the bike shop in the pouring rain.
A very lovely guy fixed it and cut his arm open at the same time on my chain ring. Whoops! I was very apologetic!
So now we are just waiting for the ferry to take us over to Caen, France where we get straight off the ferry and cycle to Mayenne for day 3. Last few hours in England so I’ve just had a brew. Standard!

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