Day 11 & 12 – Windy Miller

By Darren Clark

Day 10 in Burgos finished with an impressive lightening show and thunder storm which was great for us on Thursday morning as the air was fresh and clear. Having cleared the hills the day before we were back on long straight roads and working as a team again. We were in top form and smashed 35 miles in two hours and had 55 miles done by lunch time, giving us a new top avg speed of just under 16mph. Ok, so it’s not Wiggo, Froome, Cavendish et al speed, but it was a top effort by all..

One constant throughout all the cycling to date has been the sound made by Micks bike, yep that’s right, it sounds like the windmill from Camberwick Green, at least we know if he’s dropped off the back of the pack !

Talking of kids tv, for the last two days I’ve had the Bod & Farmer Barleymow theme tunes in my head, this has been generated by the endless fields of Barley we’ve passed which are only punctuated by the odd vineyard and deserted one horse towns..

Our only highlight on Day 12 as we struggled 87miles down the same road – the N620, (forever etched in my memory), was overtaking a combined harvester and its support vehicle as we headed towards lunch in our new favourite stopping location – a petrol station. Not the street side cafes we had in France or the squares we’ve had in some Spanish towns but these are great as there’s shade from the 30c + temperature, the all important toilet and a shop for additional refreshment if needed. At one such stop we met a couple of ageing rockers from back home who were traveling down to Faro for a bike festival – they were intrigued as to what were doing but we’re grateful they had the more comfortable transport a Honda Goldwing and a Goldwing trike..

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